Book tracking is hard.
Not anymore.

Readium is a friendly way to track your book library built for people, not companies.

Track your books all in one place

Love reading books? Us too. Queue them up in your shelves and we will take care of the rest.

Explore new reads

Bestseller and award winning lists are good, but we want to take things one step further. We want to reccomend you the best books based on your reading habits.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you doing this?

The book industry needs innovation. Our goal, simply, is to help people read and discover more books without your data being at cost.

Ads aren't cool

We believe your data is yours and yours only. Books are just as much your focus as they are ours. We'll never sell your data.


Reading with others is great. It helps us discover and get insights we wouldn't have otherwise got. With Readium you can choose to keep your profile public or private.

Using Goodreads?

Yeah we aren't either, but.. if you want to import your library you can do so as soon as you sign up.

We're just getting started

We are still pretty early in our journey but we would love for you to be part of what we create. We love books and we would love if you joined our book reading community.

Meet the team

We are a group of friends passionate about reading and getting new insights from the pages we read. Whilst this is just a side project for us, we are excited to see what we can do to shake up book tracking platforms for the better.

Kyler Phillips's avatar

Kyler Phillips

Kyler is a Product Designer who wants to make products enjoyable. He enjoys getting lost in any book he can get his hands on.
Miguel Marin Vermelho's avatar

Miguel Marin Vermelho

Miguel is a full stack developer who loves coding and building products. Putting the passion into improving the way we track books.
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Ben Sommer

Ben is a full stack developer who enjoys gaming, reading and listening to music. He's also passionate about making great apps.

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